Valentine - Bridge of Spies

Valentine entered the charts on 30/01/1988 until 19/03/1988.  It was in the charts for 8 weeks.
It was released to coincide with Valentines Day.  It peaked at number 9.  It is a beautiful song, and although it made top 10, I still think it deserved to go higher in the charts.
An advert for the new single 'Valentine'.

Here is the video to Valentine

Here is footage rarely seen.  It is behind the scenes of Top Of The Pops with T'Pau and Valentine.  Very interesting.

Sex Talk (Live)

Sex Talk - Bridge of Spies

The above link is for the album version as the live version was never released on an album.

Sex Talk (Live) first charted 02/04/1988 until 14/05/1988.  It stayed in the charts for 7 weeks and peaked at number 23.  Ronnie recently said on 'The Story Behind The Tracks' (to be mentioned later) that they released this live single to give fans a taste of what the band were like live and to 'attract' sales of tour tickets.  It certainly did the trick!!  T'Pau weren't just a band that sung ballads, they had some great 'rock' tracks like "Monkey House" and "Sex Talk" which were even more T'Powerful live!!

Sex Talk (Live) Picture CD

Live photos from the sleeve of "Sex Talk (Live)"

An advert for the new single 'Sex Talk (Live)'.

Here is the video to sex talk

The above is the band performing it on the last ever episode of ITV'S 'The Roxy'.

I Will Be With You

I Will Be With You - Bridge of Spies

I will be with you was the 5th and final track to be released in the UK, from the album Bridge Of Spies.  It entered the charts on 25/06/1988 until 30/07/1988, and was in the charts for 6 weeks.  It peaked at number 14.  A beautiful ballad and one of my all time favourite T'Pau songs.  The song made top ten in France, reaching number 9!!

I Will Be With You 7" Picture-Disc

I Will Be With You Picture CD

Here is the video to it.

Thank You For Goodbye Rides Again

A lot of the fans have always preferred this version of this song, and on the promo video of Story Behind The Tracks Carol says they prefer it-it is more like the demo version.  So here it is folks, it can be found on the I Will Be With You CD Single.

T'Pau also recorded rock versions of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer", Petula Clark's "Downtown" and The Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee", all with lead vocals by rhythm guitarist Ron Rogers.  These cover versions originally formed part of the band's live set to enable Carol to leave the stage to change her costume, and were subsequently released as CD single bonus tracks.  Here is one of them; Walk Away Renee.

Walk Away Renee

Carol was on the front of endless kids magazines by now, including the most popular at the time, Smash Hits.

And was to appear in many more!!

Remember Number One?  That takes me back!!

Another Number One front page for Carol!!

And a couple for the more 'mature' readers!!

Q Magazine

Record Collector

Another nice magazine shot of Carol.

Bridge Of Spies

Bridge of Spies - Bridge of Spies

This wasn't released in the UK as a single, but was released in Germany, and was included on the 'View From A Bridge' video, with all of the other videos, apart from "I Will Be With You".

Here is the video to the song.

The above was live at the Queen Elizabeth Foundation Concert in 1987 at The Royal Albert Hall.

A very rare piece of video.  Partly behind the scenes of "Bridge Of Spies" single's video, and carol discussing things including the band's image and America.

The above was from a German TV appearance.

Here is a list of the 5th tour dates.


An advert for 2 foreign gigs.

Video Releases

1988 saw the release of two videos from the band, the first one being:

View from a bridge

This had all the singles' released videos, apart from I Will Be With You, but also included Bridge Of Spies.

Live At Hammersmith

A selection of 'Live At Hammersmith' pictures

Arms Of Love Live

The song below was taken from the 'Live At Hammersmith' video, and includes some behind the scenes footage.

The link below is to purchase the album version of the song.  Great track!!

Arms Of Love - Rage

Monkey House

The following was also filmed at the Hammersmith Concert.

The link below is to purchase the album version of the song.  Always a great track to get the audience going!!

Monkey House - Bridge of Spies

This was a fantastic live set.  It was filmed over two consecutive days in March of 1988.
It included all the hits, the bulk of the 'Bridge Of Spies' album and two tracks from the next album, which was to be released in the autumn of that year.  These were :
Arms Of Love (As shown above)
Time Will Tell
It's a shame the two videos aren't on DVD, but it was years after these were released that DVD'S came out. 

This picture of Paul and Mike makes me laugh.  They must have been touring abroad.  Look at the number of attempts it took to spell T'Pau correctly!!  I presume this was the dressing-room door.

This photo I found, I haven't seen it many times.

A very jolly looking T'Pau!! Caption please!! Lol!!

The band's second album was called 'Rage'.  It entered the charts on 05/11/1988 to 29/04/1989.  It stayed in the charts for 17 weeks and three singles were released from it.  It peaked at number four, (although it went to number 2 in Our Price!!)  Carol got the name from the title of a book she saw at an airport!!  The album went platinum, and although it didn't sell in mass as Bridge Of Spies, you tell me which artist today wouldn't be elated if they had a platinum selling album.  Platinum is 300,000 units, nearly a third of a million!!

The album was as diverse as you would expect any T'Pau album to be.  With ballads like 'Only The Lonely', 'Road To Our Dream' and 'Heaven', to real rocky tunes like 'Running Away', 'Taking Time Out' and 'Time Will Tell'.  Also 'Island', similar type song to 'Heart and Soul'.  That is what I like about T'Pau though, their 'diversity and not 'pigeon-holed' into one 'genre' of music.

Rage - T'Pau

I got the following from You Tube. It is an album preview of all the songs on "Rage".  If you haven't already got yourself a copy, then why not click on the 'download on i Tunes' button above!!  It really is a great album.

The track listing is as follows :
  1. Arms Of Love
  2. Only The Lonely
  3. Running Away
  4. Between The Lines
  5. Road To Our Dream
  6. Island
  7. Heaven
  8. Taking Time Out
  9. Secret Garden
  10. Time Will Tell
  11. This Girl

    Promotion for 'Rage'.

    A newspaper promo for 'Rage' and the 'Rage across Europe' Tour.

    Secret Garden

    Secret Garden - Rage

    Secret Garden entered the charts on 01/10/1988 to 12/11/1988 and stayed in the charts for seven weeks.  It peaked at number 18.  It was a very catchy tune, and again went to proove that T'Pau were more than just ballads.  The song reached top ten in Ireland getting to number 8!!

    Secret Garden Picture CD

    Here is the video to it

    The above was a live performance on the late late show in Ireland.

    Sheet music to 'Secret Garden.'

    Here is some artwork related to Secret Garden :

    The maze in the video with stills from the video :

    Artwork and design by Stella-Bella 2012

    The maze featured in the video at Symonds Yat, Wales :

    Artwork and Design by Stella-Bella 2012

    Carol recorded a beautiful version of the Roy Orbison classic 'Crying' on Secret Garden's CD single, so I couldn't leave this out!!  I absolutely love the photo of Carol.  I think the black and white version is much better.

    You Never Notice Me

    This was also included on the CD single and has been a firm favourite by T'Pau fans.

    I must say, I love the artwork that was on the Rage programme and was also included on the Secret Garden cover sleeve.

    Road To Our Dream

    Road To Our Dream - Rage

    Road To Our Dream first charted on 03/12/1988 to 21/01/1989 and stayed in the charts for seven weeks.  This was the first T'Pau song to not make the top 40, as it peaked at 42.  It was hoped that this song would do well, as it was only a year previously that China In Your Hand was number one.  This song is one of my firm favourites and so deserved to do better.  Apart from the video being shown on a childrens' Saturday morning programme, I hardly saw any other promotion.  I know the band were busy touring at the time.

    The song made top 40 in Ireland, reaching number 24!!

    The song was so beautiful.  The big vocals from Carol that we are so used to and the backing instruments.  It has to be listened to loud though!!

    An advert for 'Road To Our Dream'.

    Here are the tour dates for 'Rage Across Europe', which brought them to Wembley Arena under their 'own steam!!'

    Here is the video to it.

    I've got a Twitter account called @BipolarChatroom and I was looking for some music to put some inspirational quotes to.  After a lot of thinking and searching, I realised the instrumental of "Road To Our Dream" is perfect, as it is so beautiful.  Here is the video I have made.

    At Hammersmith during the 'Fifth Tour' with some of
    their Gold Discs

    Created by Deano Hollett July 2012

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