2008 saw Carol collaberate with a group called 'Lazy Grace' on Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".  This was to be Lazy Grace's third single release.  

Don't Stop Believin'

There were two versions; the radio and house mix.
They were both very catchy and were more in the line of dance music.  Was nice to see yet another side to Carol's diverse vocal capabilities!!

Lazy Grace is James Vyner from Ichikoo plus friends.  To date, this collaberation with Carol is their third produced song.

Here is their Myspace page:

Remember one thing folks, this was released in 2008, long before Glee and The X Factor used the song!!

Don't Stop Believin' Radio Edit

Don't Stop Believing (Radio Edit) - Don't Stop Believing - Single

Don't Stop Believin' House Mix

Don't Stop Believing (House Version) - Don't Stop Believing - Single

A short clip of Carol singing it live on 13th May 2010.

Here And Now 2008

Here And Now in Ireland 2008

24/05/2008 INEC Arena Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland

Here And Now in Shrewsbury 2008

12/07/2008 The Quarry, Shrewsbury

Carol 'rocking it out' in Shrewsbury!!  Fantastic picture!!

The crowd in Shrewsbury!! T'Wow!!

Carol was 'back home'.  She must have been so proud to be singing in front of all of those people in the home town where she grew up.

Here And Now at Stansted Park 2008

20/07/2008 Hampshire, Stansted Park

Carol enjoying herself at Stansted 2008

Here And Now at Exeter Powerham Castle 2008

26/07/2008 Powerham Castle, Exeter

Look at the size of that crowd!! Great shot!!

The crowd are enjoying themselves by joining in to Heart and soul!!

Here And Now at Ascot Racecourse 2008

09/08/2008 Ascot Racecourse

Carol enjoying herself at Ascot.  Where's the hat? Lol!!

Here And Now in Dublin, Ireland 2008

13/12/2008 Dublin RDS, Ireland

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