Here is Carol at the beginning of the year being interviewed by Lewis Nicholls Radio on 28/01/12 :

We have finally reached it folks, "#T'Pau25"!!  here is a list of this year's gigs so far,  those that have passed, and those coming up :

I have found a very interesting site that shows T'Pau gigs going back as early as 1987 up to present.  It doesn't include them all, but I would say most are covered.  Click on the link below :

T'Pau Tour Dates from 1987 to the present

A very rare recording of "China In Your Hand" was posted to You Tube this year here it is folks :

As ever, what beautiful vocals.

Loose Women

On 2nd April 2012 Carol dropped in to chat with the 'Loose Women'.  She looked absolutely fantastic!  Her hair was 'larger' than usual, but it looked great.  (Carol later Tweeted and said "Me, AKA Tammy Wynette", (lol) as it caused quite a topic of discussion on Twitter!!)

Carol took to the loose ladies panel like a duck to water and the people, including me, who said she would make a great panelist!!

She promoted Rewind Henley which was in August, explained to Sunita from Corrie what "China" meant.  She said to Carol she had waited 25 years to find out what the song actually meant, and that she had her first kiss to it!!  And Janet Street Porter said "So it's not about a china tea cup then?"

Carol was funny, witty, natural and basically 'herself'.  If anyone from the show is reading this, please give her some regular, or even 'stand-in' slots!!

Andrea said that Carol was relatively old when T'Pau made it in 1987, compared to acts of today.  Carol replied and said that she was 30 when "China" made it into the charts.  "Which is ancient!!"

Carol said hello to Scarlett and Dyllan and waved at the camera, as I have noticed she does a lot.  She did, however, say she used to be allergic to children and couldn't wait to give them back!! Lol

Here is the interview :

Carol Decker on Loose Women 2nd April 2012

Here is Carol leaving the studios after the show :

T'Pau does she do it?

Later that day, there was an on-line article posted by The Mail online, titled "T'Pau does she do it?"  Basically saying Carol doesn't look any different than she did 25 years ago!!  Here is the article :

T'Pau does she do it article from the Mail Online

Later on that day, Carol had to go to a Radio Station and here is a photo that was taken.

Carol looks fantastic doesn't she!!  This pose reminds me of when I first met Carol at Fulham Football Ground back in 1993 - 19 years previous :

"T'Pau does she do it?"  You wouldn't dream they were taken 19 years apart would you!!

Video Killed The Radio Star

On Saturday 21st April 2012 at 8-30 pm, Sky Arts HD was to air a programme called "Video Killed The Radio Star."
Basically it was Carol discussing T'Pau's music videos and about how the video director Brian Grant gave her the confidence to look straight in to the camera.  "My image was part of the band", she says.

Click on the link below for a clip from the programme:

T'Pau-Video Killed The Radio Star

BBC Radio 2 2Day 10/05/2012

2Day returned on Thursday 10th May - All of Radio 2 in one day.  Things sounded a bit different to normal as all of their presenters took to the air across the day along with some amazing guests and artists.

Click on the link below :

Info on Radio 2's 2Day including all the stars and a lovely picture of carol

Carol looking and sounding great singing "China" - Click on the link below :

Carol singing "China" on Radio 2's 2Day

Carol was on The Claudia Winkleman Show, and Howard Jones was singing before her.  They had agreed to go out for a meal and a few 'drinkies' afterwards, which turned out to amount to twenty-two people in the end!!  I bet a good night was had by all!!

A recent message from Carol and Ron 

 Just wanted to drop a line to thank so many of you for buying SBTT and for following me on twitter on @caroldecker . I am enjoying the tweets. Who knew T'pau fans were such witty funny people! Well I should have known obviously ;-)

Ronnie and I are following the comments on the tpau@yahoogroups.com forum with interest. We do value your ideas. Reading some of those pertinent comments about not wanting to buy the same album AGAIN! We just want to say that over the years we have had no control over when Virgin/Universal sanction yet another version of B of S. and we have not approved of some of the bootleg low-end product floating about.

We are currently in talks with Cherry Red Records, they and we are brainstorming to come up with a 25th anniversary product  that you will treasure.

Meanwhile I will post any gigs/appearances on Twitter and website www.tpau.co.uk
Take care for now y'all. We will update you soon.

All The Best,
Carol and Ron

Carol has had a few meetings with the Record Company, and, if all goes according to plan, there is going to be a 'Deluxe' version of Bridge Of Spies to coincide with #T'Pau25!

Latest news on "Bridge of Spies" Deluxe Edition

Click on the link below regarding the "Bridge Of Spies" Deluxe Edition :

**Unfortunately, as most of you will now know, the above project wasn't to be**

Rewind Audley End Interview with Carol

The following is an article on The up-and-coming Rewind gig at Audley End, 4th August 2012.  It is also an interesting interview with Carol discussing #T'Pau25, and would she go down the route of The X-Factor, if she had her chance, all those years ago, again?  Click onto the link :

Up to date interview with Carol

Here And Now 2012

Lytham St. Annes 3rd August 2012

China In Your Hand

Photo by Ricky Jeonney

Photo by Ricky Jeonney

I can honestly say that watching the above sent shivers down my spine.  Such a great performance.  Also a great audience!!

Rewind Festival 2012

Audley End 4th August 2012

The following two clips aren't the full songs, unfortunately, but what has been posted, Carol sounds and looks fab!!

Heart And Soul

China In Your Hand

Loving the jacket Carol!!

Here And Now 2012

Ascot Racecourse 11th August 2012

Secret Garden

Carol 'rocking' the place out with "Secret Garden."

Rewind Henley-On-Thames 2012

August 17th-August 19th 2012

A Video of the line-up for Rewind at Henley 2012

Carol, Chesney Hawkes and Sarah Champion
back stage at rewind for Absolute Radio

Carol backstage at Rewind interviewing
Starship for Absolute Radio

Carol  performed on Sunday 19th August 2012

This year there was 40,000 spectators, well up on previous years which was 30,000!!

Here is a video clip with the organiser and Carol being interviewed :

Organiser and Carol being interviewed

There were items signed by some of the artists being auctioned off at the festival.  Carol had four items :

A signed "Greatest Hits Live."
A signed copy of the CD "Red."
A signed copy of "The Story Behind The Tracks."
A signed photo which I have never seen before.

Some lucky person has got their hands on the above photo!!

Here is a link to all the lots up for auction :

Henley Auction Items

Here are some photos of Carol performing at Rewind Henley 19th August 2012.

China In Your Hand (Professional recording)

The following link is a fantastic interview made by Sarah Champion from Absolute Radio with Carol, just after she has come off stage.  Carol was wearing a leather jacket to temperatures of mid 30's!!  All in the name of Rock 'n' Roll!!  The Deluxe Version of "Bridge Of Spies 25" even gets a mention with B sides, songs that didn't make the a cut and a hint of maybe a DVD!!  Click on the link below :

Carol being interviewed by Sarah Champion of Absolute Radio

The following interviews are Carol interviewing a lot of the artists appearing at Rewind for Absolute Radio. Carol is a true professional when it comes to interviewing.  She is warm, witty and just so natural.

The following is Carol interviewing Tony Hadley for Absolute Radio just before he is about to go on stage:

Carol interviewing Tony Hadley for Absolute Radio

The following is Carol and Sarah Champion interviewing The Bangles for Absolute Radio:

Carol & Sarah interviewing The Bangles for Absolute Radio

Carol interviewing Rick Astley:

Carol interviewing Rick Astley for Absolute Radio

Carol and Sarah Champion interviewing Right Said Fred:

Carol & Sarah interviewing Right Said Fred

Carol interviewing Midge Ure for Absolute Radio:

Carol interviewing Midge Ure for Absolute Radio

Carol interviewing Starship for Absolute Radio:

Starship interview by Carol for Absolute Radio

Carol interviewing Dr And The Medics for Absolute Radio:

DR And The Medics Interview

Carol interviewing Five Star for Absolute Radio:

Carol interviews Five Star

Carol chats to M People's Heathar Small:

Carols chat with Heather Small

Carol chats with Kool And The Gang:

Carol's Kool And The Gang Interview

Fantastic interviews Carol :-)
What a warm and friendly bunch of people they all were.

Gigs Coming Up

Bordean's Buttstock 10th November 2012

Carol will be appearing at Bordean's Buttstock in London on 10th November, along with some other artists. Tickets are £35.00, which includes a meal and entertainment. (Drinks not included)  It is a themed restaurant.  Click on the link below for details and to book tickets.

Link to take you to the site to view details and order tickets

Butlins Bognor 17th November 2012

Link to take you to the page to view details and order tickets

Nordoff Robins Ultimate Christmas Cracker 18th Dec 2012

December 18th rings in the start of Christmas with a night of non stop party classics and anthems, with Nordoff Robins' Ultimate Christmas Cracker at The Clapham Grand in London.

Featuring acts Chris Difford, Owen Paul, Linda Lewis, Cutting Crew, Nik Kershaw, Cheryl Baker and T'Pau and more - acts that defined a decade - will take you back to the 80's with their classic tracks and festive favourites.

The perfect event for your office Christmas party and for those who want a night of feel good anthems and Christmas classics and it's all in aid of Nordoff Robins.  Nordoff Robins is a national music charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK

All profits from this event will be donated to the music therapy charity Nordoff Robins.

Registered charity No. 280960.

All artist's subject to availability.

Here is a Tweet from Carol regarding the Nordoff Robins Christmas Cracker on 18th December : "Due to unfortunate circumstances and with regret, we are now not able to do Nordoff Robins Xmas Cracker on 18th December.  Tickets will be refunded."

Link to take you to the site to view details and to book tickets

Pat Sharpe's Time Warp 1987

Presenting Pat Sharpe's Christmas Time Warp edition!  Flame-haired front woman of pop group T'Pau, Carol Decker,  talks duff beer and being the lead singer of her hugely successful band.

This will be aired on Christmas Day at 7 O'clock pm, on Sky Channel 169 and Freesat Channel  515.  

I would like to thank Carol for the co-operation I have received whilst doing this blog.  Music plays a big part of my life, and T'Pau/Carol has too for the past 25 years.  I have enjoyed doing it.  My bedroom has been looking like a T'Pau/Carol Decker factory whilst doing this Blog lol!!

****Thank you to all those who took part in the competition.  All of the signed pictures have now been won****

Carol has very kindly given me 5 signed photos that I am going to give away as part of a competition.  They are from her new photo shoot :

Doesn't Carol look fab!!

I don't think #T'Pau25 could have come along at a better time.  Carol's profile seems to be higher than ever at the moment and Carol has said she is getting great feedback from folks in the biz re the #T'Pau25 album!!

Rhyme kindly provided by Carol.  Artwork by SB Artwork & Design.
****Answers now published below****

The competition will be answering questions all T'Pau/Carol related.  Some of the answers will be in this blog, and some won't.

1.)    The above 'riddle' referred to "Secret Garden" when the band appeared on Going Live, but :
1a)   What song were they promoting and sing on this show?  ONLY THE LONELY
1b)   What was the prize to the competition?  KEYBOARD
1c)   Carol made her acting debut with Trevor and Simon.  What were their characters names   
        in the sketch?  DICK AND JOHNNY
2.)    In 1988, the producers of a top American Television programme liked Carol's performance
        in the "China In Your Hand" video so much, they offered her a part in the show :
2a)   What was the name of the show.  MIAMI VICE 
2b)   How was the character related to one of the show's main characters?  EX WIFE
2c)   What was the name of the actor Carol's character would have had connections with?  DON   
2d)   Who took the part after Carol turned the role down, due to T'Pau commitments?  WOULD 
3)     When you listened to "Heart And Soul" from "Story Behind The Tracks", what was 'missing'
        from the song that was in the original?  RAPPING
4)    What song did Carol cover at the last 'Red' tour date at London's Jazz Cafe?  LET ME 
5)    What song nearly didn't make it onto the "Bridge Of Spies" album?  CHINA IN YOUR 
6)    T'Pau stopped two Beatles from getting to number one in 1987.  One was in the singles chart 
       and one was in the albums chart.  Can you name :
6a)  the Beatle and the name of the single who T'Pau stopped from getting to number one in the 
       singles chart?,  and :  GEORGE HARRISON - GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU
6b)  the Beatle and the name of the album who T'Pau stopped from getting to number one in the
       albums chart?  SIR PAUL McCARTNEY - ALL THE BEST
7)    Name the three trademarks that Carol is so fondly known for, apart from her fantastic voice.
8)    What was the name of the LP Carol's group 'The Lazers' appeared on in 1980?  
9)    Who was the original lead guitarist on the "Bridge Of Spies" album, but left the band before 
       they found fame, being replaced by Dean Howard?  TAJ WYZGOWSKI
10)  What was the name of the band Dean Howard and John Keebles from Spandau Ballet formed
       in the 1990's?  THE HERBS


  1. Marvellous blog - well done!!!!

    1. Thank you Al. I'm glad you like it. Isn't it nice to have somewhere where 'all' the videos are, instead of keep going to you tube. Cheers mate!! D :-)

  2. Really interesting stuff - great to see it all in one place and easy to find. Many thanks to Carol, Deano, Stella-Bella and Jo :)) Cheers from Guy.

  3. Really interesting stuff - great to see it all in one place and easy to find. Many thanks to Carol, Deano, Stella-Bella and Jo :))

  4. Thank you Guy. One of the reasons I wanted to do it was to have 'everything' like the videos, all in one place instead of having to go through You Tube. Take care, Deano :-) PS, can't believe it's been 7 years since We met up outside the studios for HMBOMT!!