In 1995, Carol was approached by officials of the Rugby League World Cup to see if she was interested in recording the official 'anthem' for the world cup.  Obviously she said yes!!

One Heart

Carol was to perform the song at Wembley Stadium at both the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.  The song was also to be played at all of the other stadiums when the match was not being played.

The first appearance by Carol was the beginning of October 1995, and she walked into the centre of the stadium and performed the song.  It sounded great!!  The guitar towards the end really 'rocked' out the stadium!!  I had only seen part of the song being performed by Carol on The Big Breakfast.  There was big screens there where you could see Carol properly, as she was only a dot from where we were sitting.

Carol at Wembley Stadium on the big screen.
Photo by Deano Hollett

Carol clearly enjoying herself!!
Photo by Deano Hollett

Carol getting the audience to participate.
Photo by Deano Hollett

Carol's hair at the time was short and flicked at the sides.  She looked really good.

The first match was England Vs Australia.  Now i'm no rugby fan, but I so got into the game, as did a few other fans I was with.  We had made a banner with a sheet saying 'Carol Decker....Back On The Beat With One Heart'.

The interval came and they were playing the song again.  It sounded great!!

The second half started, and we were rooting for England to win.  And guess what, they did!!

The text to the above promotional picture is :

"Who's that dashing young redhead (and we don't mean Kris Radlinski!) with the England squad? It's none other than Carol Decker, lead singer with pop group T'Pau, who has recorded a World Cup theme tune with the England squad.  Young guns Paul Cook, Kris Radlinski and Simon Haughton linked up with Carol at the England photocall and press conference.  Picture (RE283/11) by Gerald Webster."

Saturday 28th October 1995 came, and guess what, England were in the final, and guess who they were playing?  Australia again!!

Carol made another appearance performing the song.  A stage had been set up in the middle of the stadium, and Carol had a guitar with her!!  She looked great, rocking the place out!!

Other acts on the closing ceremony bill were Diana Ross and Status Quo.

Unfortunately, England lost.

Here is the programme to the final.

The only thing I thought was silly, was that the single was released on Monday 30th October 2005.  Two days after the World Cup had ended!!  It's like releasing a Christmas song in the new year!!
The song was great though.

Here is the song.  It must have been the biggest televised audience carol had performed to also!!


In 1996, Carol was to meet her 'future' husband, top chef and restaurateur Richard Coates.

Richard co-owns the 'Cherry Tree Inn' alongside Carol.  I have read conflicting dates that they met.  Some articles are saying 1996, some are saying 1997.

You never know, you might just bump into Carol there!!!!

Created by Deano Hollett July 2012

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